Use Amazon Currency Converter to earn £5 voucher

While I was placing an order today on Amazon, I saw a new promo message about their Currency Converter service.

You can check out the offer here. Basically by placing an order using the Amazon Currency Converter by July 31st, you’ll receive a £5 off voucher on your next purchase of £50, to use by September 30th.

You probably have never seen Amazon Currency Converter before, as it only shows up when the chosen card’s set currency is different than the sales (i.e. GBP). I have a U.S. credit card saved in my Amazon account which is probably why I was targeted for this promotion.

If you change the currency of your payment card you should see the option too.

The problem is it’s not cheap. In the example above, it charges me $123.60 for £100, whereas according to Google £100 = $120.05. The actual handling fee here is $3.55, or 2.96%.

However, in order to trigger the offer you only need to buy something cheap. I went for a £15 item in the end, which is essentially equivalent to paying 50p for a £5 voucher, which isn’t a bad deal I suppose.

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