Marriott status challenge offer is back

Historically Marriott has offered status challenge opportunities to its members as a way to achieve higher status faster. The route was shut after the SPG merger, and a status match initiative was alive for a short while as an alternative last year. It appears though, that the status challenge has finally made its way back.

Marriott has an official service account on Wechat in China, which has shared the following information (HT @Invic):

To participate, you must call Marriott’s customer service to enrol. Upon registration, you have 90 days to complete the status challenge.

  • The promotion started on May 18
  • You must have had at least one eligible stay with Marriott in the past
  • You need 8 qualifying nights within the 90 days to upgrade to Gold, or 16 nights for Platinum
  • Only paid nights count; Homes & Villas and Marriott Executive Apartments are excluded

Note that your status won’t be upgraded until you have completed the challenge, and if successful, it will be valid through February 2023.

It usually requires 50 nights to achieve Marriott’s Platinum status, and 16 nights is a good discount. Considering the substantial benefits that come with it, don’t forget to sign up if you have upcoming stays with Marriott.

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