All Signature – buy Accor points at half price

Accor Hotel Group, confusingly, has many membership programs that apply to different hotel brands and different regions. The All Signature program which was originally available to Brazilian residents is now open to all, and it creates some interesting options.

The homepage is here. There are three plan tiers that offer monthly Accor point deposit along with other benefits. You can choose to pay monthly, quarterly or annually.

  • Discover: R$119 / R$357 / R$1,428 & 1,000 monthly points
  • Explorer: R$345 / R$1,035 / R$4,140 & 3,000 monthly points
  • Absolute: R$560 / R$1,680 / R$6,720 & 5,000 monthly points

You received double points on the 4th, 8th and 12th month, which means you’ll collect 15,000 / 45,000 / 75,000 bonus points per year in each plan respectively.

You will also earn 200 / 600 / 1,000 status points per month with each plan. You earn enough status points to become Accor Gold (7,000 status points) after being Explorer for 12 months or Absolute for 7 months. 12 months of Absolute sets you only 2,000 points short from Accor Platinum (14,000 status points.)

Until November 30th, you can apply promo code BFALLSIG23 for 50% off a monthly or quarterly plan, and BFALLSIG15 for 15% off an annual plan. Note that the discount applies to the first payment only.

There are many possible combinations. For the annual Absolute plan, you’ll be paying R$5712 (€1,065) for 75,000 points – equivalent to €1,500 when used towards Accor stays, and that’s a very respectable 29% discount.

I don’t think everyone needs that many points though, and the deal actually becomes more interesting for monthly and quarterly plans, as you get a larger 50% discount.

The quarterly Absolute plan costs R$840 (€157) and comes with 15,000 points worth €300, so that’s almost 50% off! I’m not sure whether I can cancel the subscription after just three months though or if it’s minimum one-year commitment. I asked my Brazilian friend to go through the offer page and there doesn’t seem to be any related term, so I assume it’s the former.

Even if I end up having to undertake one year, the price difference is only R$168 (€32) which is fine. I made the purchase and the 5,000 points are deposited to my account within a couple of minutes:

I already have the All Plus membership and there’s no conflict. We know the following:

  • You can hold All Signature, All Plus and the Chinese All Plus cards at the same time
  • For Accor Plus there are mixed data points – some people have succeeded in purchasing All Signature

Note that the transaction could by blocked by your credit card as the charge is in BRL. I tried my U.S. Amex card first but it was declined, and changing to Chase solved the issue.

The Absolute subscription comes with some additional benefits:

  • 10% transfer bonus from select partner programs (mostly South American)
  • In the 4th month and then annually, Diamond members can gift an Accor Gold card; Platinum and Gold members can gift an Accor Silver card
  • Executive Lounge access at Pullman Guarulhos Sao Paolo Airport, 5 visits per year
  • Early / exclusive access to Accor Experiences and Dream Stays offers

It does indeed seem to be a very good offer to me – you can buy cheap points, upgrade to a higher status level more easily, plus enjoy some additional perks. Note that however their customer service is still Brazil-based so it might pose challenges when you need help.

As a reader has pointed out, you could cancel the subscription online yourself.

Accor points are valid for 12 months from the last time any point is credited to your account. They could be used towards your hotel stays both online and in-store.

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7 Responses

  1. Ann says:

    Hi Kai! Im brazilian and this was a really excellent promotion to subscribe to ALL Signature… I also signed up for the quarterly plan. There’s no problem canceling it after this period, but it’s an excellent way to get platinum status.

    • Kai says:

      Hey Ann thanks for sharing! Yes cancellation looks very straightforward on Accor’s website

      • Ann says:

        I recommend switching to the cheapest plan after 3 months… that way you don’t lose the bonus!!

        • Kai says:

          I can see the option of changing to DISCOVER quarterly after three months. How much bonus do I earn if I do that?

          • Ann says:

            You can switch to discover only for one month… this way you get the bonus for the fourth month.

          • Kai says:

            I don’t see the option of changing to monthly online – do I have to contact customer service?

  2. Ann says:

    No, just subscribe to the monthly plan and it will change automatically