My review of Global & Mera Lounge, Cancun T3

My four-day vacation in Cancun has come to an end and I’m heading back to London. The last stop would be the airport lounge, and I do have some expectations since Cancun relies so heavily on tourists.

British Airways uses Terminal 3 of the airport, where all airlines as well as Priority Pass share the same lounge: The Lounge by Global Lounge. It is a landside lounge located at the departure hall, before security, which is not commonly seen.

It looks quite trendy from outside, but the indoor area appears tiny.

It has all the functions though: meeting room, work desks, bar and kids’ club.

And then I found out about the first floor, which is larger and bright.

There are some small plates for you to take, but you mostly order from a menu. All items are local Mexican food, including tacos, chicken soup and cheese pie.

I appreciate the effort they make. Many airport lounges, for understandable concerns, offer only “safe” options such as fried chicken, pasta and salad, and it’s a treat to be able to enjoy something local and special. The quality is quite good by the way – all the tacos I’ve had in Cancun are amazing.

The menu for cocktails shocked me!

As many as 35 different cocktails are on offer and prepared freshly by the bartender. I don’t expect this level of experience even in first class lounges!

We ordered one Sunrise and one Sunset to pair, which would cost around $15 per glass in the hotel zone. Although the facility here isn’t great, food and drink options are impressive.

There’s actually an airside lounge as well – Mera Business Lounge. It is part of the Plaza Premium group – they don’t take Priority Pass but Amex Platinum is fine.

Although slightly bigger, the furnishing is dire with zero natural light. It’s just about to closing so no longer taking any orders. I had a quick look at the menu, which is mainly the kind of pasta and sauteed vegetables etc. Alcohol is free but no cocktails.

So it’s a wise choice that the airlines pick The Lounge over Mera. If you like cocktails, reserve plenty of time before your flight from Cancun! But don’t get too drunk to board. As it is a landside lounge that accepts Priority Pass, I suspect that arriving passengers are admitted too.

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