Mispriced promotion: Hyatt points 36%-off sale

(Update: deal dead)

Hyatt launched a promotion on buying points, but they’ve mispriced the offer, to your benefit.

You can view the buy points page here. Until April 9th, you’re entitled to 20% discount when buying at least 3,000 Hyatt points. The regular price is 2.4c per point so the sale price should be 1.92c per point.

Hyatt has however, applied the discount twice in their system. At the time being you are paying only 1.536c (1.22p) per point. This is effectively 36% off, the best offer Hyatt has ever had.

There are many successful data points where the points were deposited instantly after purchase. Hyatt might withdraw (correct) the offer soon, but I doubt they could claw back the points if they’ve already arrived into your account.

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4 Responses

  1. Josh says:

    I think your regular price is off. If the regular price was $2.40, 5,000 points would normally be $12,000. Perhaps it should be $0.024 per point.

  2. Jules says:

    Dead now. I was too late 🙁