Buy (very cheap) IHG points through stay add-ons

If you are an IHG frequent, the name Bonus Points Package is probably no stranger to you. Basically you can buy additional points as an add-on to your stay, and these points are elite-qualifying. In addition to earning more points, they could also help you achieve higher status sooner.

There are two limitations though:

  • They are only available on (member-discount) best flexible rate, with or without breakfast
  • Prices ain’t typically attractive

That said, there are occasional offers which makes it a much better deal. To find out, go to the hotel’s rate plans page, and select a best flexible rate. You should see a pop-up like this:

The image above shows an pretty solid deal – you pay only $11 for 5,000 points, which usually sell for $25 under their half-price sales. If you cancel the reservation within the permitted window you won’t be charged.

It’s hard to find great deals though. Thanks to my friend @zaozaoba, here are a list of select hotels that offer the best bonus points packages.

Unless otherwise states, the $ prices are for 5,000 points.

The list above is by no means exhaustive, and you can play with IHG’s website to dig more. As you can see, you could pay as low as $1 to buy 3,000 points – very impressive!

You can only buy maximum 5,000 points per night though so it’s not a quick or substantial way of buying points. However, if you have travel plans and don’t mind paying the best flexible rate, it may be worth checking out the bonus points package.

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  1. Dancing Panda says:

    Great Post! Just to clarify, I cant select the 5k bonus points, make and then cancel the booking and have the 5k points stay in my account for the small fee? It’s not like when using the Points and Cash option and keeping the points when you cancel?