My review of American Express Centurion Lounge, Seattle

I wrote about the Amex Centurion Lounge at Denver which wasn’t very impressive. There’s one in Seattle as well, and I’m gonna give it another try after having spent some time in the nice Sky Club.

It’s just one minute away from the Sky Club, with a very recognisable entrance.

Bad news upon entry: the lounge is already full. But fortunately I don’t have to wait long as I’m on my own.

It is indeed very crowded:

But I’m assigned a pretty comfortable seat.

There’s also some reserved seating which are presumably for Centurion members.

A couple of more photos of the decoration.

More seats are available in the bar area, but still limited.

All alcohol drinks, including cocktails are free.

The buffet menu for hot food:

  • Spicy collard greens
  • Carolina beef grifts
  • Grilles asparagus

Again I’m a bit disappointed at the quality of this lounge, and neither of the two Amex Centurion lounges that I’ve visited in the States are anywhere near the standard of the London one.

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