£5 Free Money from Paypal and Airtime Rewards

Paypal appears to be feeling generous recently. After handing out £5 free money to 20,000 customers two weeks ago, they are offering more now.

You can sign up to the offer here. If eligible, you only need to download the Paypal app and sign in once, and £5 Paypal credit is yours. Unfortunately I’m not targeted, although the offer appears to be widely available as the limit is 154,000 users.

I’ve written about the Airtime Rewards app before – it’s an innovative way to earn cashback on your mobile phone bills through everyday spending. I’ve managed to earn £10 already and the credit posted swiftly on my Vodafone bill:

If you’d like to join Airtime Rewards, now is a great time as there’s a massive referral bonus boost till the end of this week. Enter my referral code NAYK9C9Y which earns you £1 credit immediately, and then another £4 if you make any eligible purchase within 5 days.

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