Buy miles for 1 cent each by staying at hotels!

If you don’t know what Rocketmiles is, they are an online hotel booking platform just like Booking, Agoda and But they way you are rewarded is different – you get a number of miles or points for each booking.

Rocketmiles works with many airline programs including British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Cathay Pacific, United, Delta and Singapore Airlines. There are also a few non-airline partners such as Amazon, Uber and Heathrow Rewards.

Rocketmiles is running a very interesting promotion valid through the end of this year. As long as you haven’t had any booking with them yet, your first booking comes with a bonus of 5,000 points, at eligible properties.

There is no definitive list of “eligible properties”, but basically the cost needs to reach some sort of underlying threshold. For example, in London the “best deal” I can find is this one, where you pay $104 and get 7,000 points / miles in return:

Obviously London is not the cheapest city, so there are many better deals in other places. This hotel in Shanghai costs $62 and awards you 6,000 points / miles!

And a similar deal in Bangkok:

You are essentially paying $10 (or £8.1) for 1000 points / miles, which is an excellent price. However, remember that this promotion is valid once only for new members, and you must physically check-in at the hotel.

If you do care about the stay, compare the prices with other booking platforms before you book, as Rocketmiles may be more expensive. Also, you can sign up to Rocketmiles via my referral link, or use promo code PKUKAYCHOU, as it should award you an additional 1,000 bonus points / miles after the first stay.

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