20% coupon for Amazon Fresh in-store spend

Amazon had a lot of instore offers for Amazon Fresh in 2022 / 2023, and it has gone really quiet since about a year ago. I was at a store for a pickup earlier, and spotted one promotion finally.

There are two live offers at the moment, both expiring on July 1:

They are less interesting than previous offers, which was basically free money and could be used at more locations. If you’ve seen similar offers in other stores please let me know!

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3 Responses

  1. Ben says:

    Love ur freebies at hard times like now. Thanks amazon I watched a movie I bought with Gerard butler in the plane one, brilliant. Thank you Ben.

  2. Ting says:


    Try this , 3gbp off 7gbp spend but only valid at Moorgate/Liverpool St/Chalk Farm store, until 30JUN, 3 times /account