Act fast: Mr & Mrs Smith $65 voucher still works

Last month we wrote about a crazy offer that Mr & Mrs Smith was having. Unfortunately the two-night minimum stay requirement was added swiftly which made the offer much less appealing, but there are still good deals out there:

After applying the $65 voucher you pay only $30 for two nights at this hotel in Kuala Lumpur, which is really cheap even by Malaysia’s standard.

As a couple of our readers have pointed out however, there’s still a hack you could do to apply the voucher on one-night reservations.

  • Book any hotel for two nights, go to the checkout page and add the voucher code e.g. BIRTHDAYUS, and then go back
  • Book the one-night hotel stay you want, at the basket page remove the two-night reservation. You’ll notice that the coupon is there and discounted price is displayed

It’s not mission complete yet, as if you proceed to payment you’ll most likely see the following error:

What you need to do is: head back to the basket, go to the checkout page, keep your fingers crossed and try again. If you are lucky the payment will go through this time, and a confirmation like this will follow:

I’ve no idea why the second-time lucky is, or if you may need to try more or if it has anything to do with the payment method. But it works for me and some other readers.

Note that they’ve also added a geographical restriction on the coupon code, and BIRTHDAYUS only works on accounts based in the Americas now. Don’t forget about the limits: you can only use the code three times and no consecutive bookings are allowed, and your reservations would face cancellations otherwise – the hack here of course, is also against the two-night requirement in the terms, so I can’t guarantee that they would be honoured.

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7 Responses

  1. Jules says:

    What payment method and browser did you use?

  2. Lee says:

    They definitely will not be honoured. they are automatically cancelling any booking with only 1 night using the promotional code.