12 “The Spectator” issues and £20 Amazon voucher for £12

“The Spectator” is a British weekly magazine on politics. I know them through an Avios promotion which ran last year – in fact by doing a Google search I think there’s another Avios promotion ongoing, however I don’t think it’s as attractive as the deal that I’m taking about today.

You can access the offer here.

  • Pay £12 for a 12-week trial (12 issues)
  • Plus get a £20 Amazon gift voucher for free
  • After the trial it costs £39.99 per 13 weeks

I have never read The Spectator and I’m not a fan of politics myself so I cannot comment on the quality of the magazine. However even if you are not interested in the read at all, you are just paying £12 for the £20 Amazon voucher, which is a 40% discount.

Remember to cancel your subscription before renewal if you don’t want to pay for the magazine.

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2 Responses

  1. Wolstan says:

    Well it would have been a good deal, except that I never got the voucher.