Morrisons deal is back – heavy discount on Amazon / Uber / Waitrose gift cards!

Earlier this year Morrisons launched a massive campaign which offered cashback incentives across many platforms. The deal appears to be back now which can be very ludicrous!

I have the following offers on my cards / accounts:

  • Airtime: 7% cashback on £30+, or 1% otherwise (end date unclear)
  • Virgin Shops Aways Instore: 6 points / £1 (ends 15/09)
  • MBNA: 15% cashback, max £10 (ends 21/09)
  • Virgin Atlantic Credit Card: 10% cashback on £30+, or 1% otherwise (ends 25/08)

The best part is you can double dip or even triple dip on these offers. Last time I took advantage of the VA credit card, Airtime and Shops Aways offers, which given the current conditions equates to 21% cashback if you value Virgin points at 0.7p.

Do I buy any grocery at Morrisons? No, but Morrisons sells gift cards of other merchants too, including:

  • Amazon
  • Uber / Uber Eats
  • John Lewis / Waitrose
  • One4all

…and so on. And purchases of such gift cards trigger all the aforementioned offers too, so enjoy!

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