800 Free Avios for filling out a questionnaire

You probably have heard of e-Rewards – it is an enterprise-facing service that distributes online surveys. As an end user (worker?), every time you fill out a survey you’ll earn some rewards, which could be hotel / airline points or other forms of rebate depending on the affiliation you signed up with.

By 15 December, if you register as a new e-Rewards user and complete the first survey, you’ll earn 800 bonus Avios. British Airways’ offer page is here and you need to sign up via this link. Although the offer appears to be global, the sign-up link has a .co.uk domain and you may need a UK address.

I used e-Rewards for a while a few years back. You usually earn between 50 and 500 points for each survey, co-related to the length of it. It’s definitely not rewarding enough for the time spent, so don’t expect too much out of it unless you’re just killing time. It also happens quite often that you get disqualified at the beginning or even in the middle of surveys due to “wrong answers”.

That said, 800 Avios for a few minutes on their website doesn’t sound a bad deal at all. e-Rewards has similar deals with other loyalty schemes too, so you may want to dig around a little bit if Avios is of no use to you.

Listed on BA’s offer page is another piece regarding Rocketmiles – new members get 5,000 bonus Avios after completing the first booking with them. We’ve actually written about it back in June, and now that our chances of travelling are getting slightly better you may want to re-consider using it, and your earning preference doesn’t have to be Avios. Should you want to participate, feel free to use my referral link (or enter code PKUKAYCHOU during sign-up) for 1,000 additional points after your first booking.

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