app-booking bonus stamp offer is running a new offer to encourage customers to book through the app. Details of the offer can be found here.

To participate, remember that it works on the app only.

  • Book by 22/09
  • Stay by 31/03/2021
  • Enter code APPRWD1 at checkout and collect one extra stamp per stay

Like all such promotions, you must choose the Pay Now option to be able to apply the code, even if the reservation is refundable. Also note that the bonus is per stay, so it works best on one-night stays; in theory if you have a longer stay you can probably split it into multiple bookings.

I don’t value rewards much, as it usually represents a delayed, under 10% return (or with this promotion, 20%) only, which is nothing exceptional at all. However, I do appreciate their elite benefits, especially the hassle free guarantee which means you could cancel non-refundable bookings for free if plans change. And with this promotion, you can potentially reach Silver with only five nights, which isn’t bad.

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