Accor’s suite night upgrade voucher enhancement

Accor introduced their refurbished loyalty programme All Live Limitless last year, and one enhancement to Platinum’s benefits were two suite night upgrade vouchers.

However, this voucher was not as good as it may sound. Firstly, one voucher entitles you to one-night upgrade only. By contrast, with Marriott you are given a five-night upgrade voucher at 50 nights and another one at 75.

More importantly, this voucher applies to a very selective brands only, and a few countries are completely excluded – this includes France, where the Accor group is headquartered. It’s fair to say the voucher was a TOTAL JOKE.

However, it appears that Accor has quietly changed their terms and conditions. There is now a definitive list of participating brands:

It’s a shame that mid-range brands like Novotel and Mercure are excluded, but the inclusion of Raffles and Fairmont is very welcome.

Also, it no longer mentions any country-wide exclusions. A list of non-eligible hotels are provided instead. However, note the disclaimer at the bottom saying that this list is non-exhaustive and may change anytime.

Compared to when it came out at the beginning, I must say this is some big improvement. However, the voucher still cannot be redeemed online. You must phone Accor’s customer service, so they will get in contact with the hotel, and it may involve a lot of back-and-forth with an unpredictable outcome. I don’t understand why they cannot implement a system just like Marriott, but well, this is Accor we are talking about.

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