Instant Accor Gold status without any stay!

We’ve talked about Accor’s loyalty programme before. In early years there were many ways to get Accor Platinum status very quickly:

  • Instant upgrade link (!) publicly available
  • Amex Platinum complimentary benefit
  • All points count towards status

These “loopholes” all died out in several years’ time though. It is (almost) no longer possible to obtain Accor’s Platinum card apart from the hard way, but there are still some fast track options available for lower statuses.

[Instant Platinum – Limitless Invitation]

Accor’s top-tier membership – Limitless elite can gift someone a Platinum card. This is, as far as I know, the only way nowadays to attain Accor Platinum without hitting the actual threshold.

However, Limitless is an invitation-only tier and there won’t be many qualifying people out there, so this route is not really practical for most of us.

[Instant Gold – Ibis Business Card]

Ibis Business Card is a product designed for the Ibis brand specifically. Cardholders get discount on both the room rate and F&B during hotel stays.

On top of that, you can enjoy complimentary Gold status that is valid for a year, and extended every time you renew your membership. Depending on where you live, an annual subscription costs:

  • UK – £65
  • Switzerland – 99 CHF
  • Other countries – €90

If I remember correctly, hotels run promotions sometimes so it may be even cheaper to purchase it at the front desk.

Accor’s Gold membership comes with room upgrade, early check-in, late check-out and welcome drinks. Needless to say it is well worth £65 even if the Ibis discount is useless to you!

[Instant Gold – Shareholders Club]

Another quick way to get Gold, also without actual stays, is buy Accor’s shares. As described in Shareholders Club‘s t&c, you need to buy 50 bearer share or 1 registered share to qualify – I have no clue how these two are different..

This is definitely not as easy as buying an Ibis Business Card though, and the Gold card is only valid until the end of next year. I don’t know if you can extend it by repeatedly buying and selling your shares…

[Instant Silver – Accor Plus]

Accor Plus is a paid scheme – separate to ALL – in Asia Pacific only. As a member, you are upgraded to Silver upon activation and it is extended indefinitely as long as you renew your membership.

Silver is for sure not as good as Gold since it only comes with welcome drinks and (probably weaker) late check-out. However, Accor Plus offers extensive benefits including 10% extra room discount and up to 50% off restaurant bills etc, so the Silver status is more like just a sweetener.

You cannot combine your Ibis Business account with Accor Plus. However, it may be possible to book hotels via Accor Plus to enjoy the discount, and then present your Gold card at check-in for more beefits.

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