Two excellent Accor offers, earn up to 14k and 8k points!

Accor is running two excellent bonus point offers, and you should sign up in case they become applicable. A word of warning first: both offers have eligibility criteria, and although it seems that everyone can sign up, it’s uncertain whether the bonus points will actually post.

The first offer is Discover Our Brands:

  • Open to members with an account address in North America and the Caribbean
  • Book by August 31
  • Stay by September 30
  • There are four brand tiers, and you earn a certain amount of bonus points per two-night minimum stay
  • You can earn the bonus twice per tier

Bonuses for the four tiers are 2,500 / 2,500 / 1,500 / 500, so the maximum you can earn during the promotion is 14,000 points. Even if you have only one eligible stay, 2,500 points is worth €50 which is not to be sniffed at!

The second offer is Exclusive Gold Member Bonus:

  • Open to members whose account status is Gold
  • Book by June 23
  • Stay by August 31
  • Valid for two-night minimum stays in Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa
  • Earn 1,000 / 3,000 / 4,000 bonus points for first three eligible stays

As usual, the nuisance is only new bookings after offer registration count, and you cannot use points to part-pay your bill.

In theory a stay could be eligible to trigger both offers, but if I remember correctly Accor bonuses are not cumulative. I’m happy to be proved wrong though, in which case you can earn up to 6,500 bonus points on one stay!

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2 Responses

  1. David says:

    Hi, Kay.
    If I am Accor Gold member with 58 status night, can I get a total of 8000points after stay?

    It is because after my first stay, I will be Platinum member already.

    Please advise if you have any information.