Free Leading Hotels of the World Club membership (usually $175)

Similar to GHA and SLH, Leading Hotels of the World (LHW) is a hotel alliance for high-range boutique hotels. It operates its membership program in a different way though, as you’ll need to pay to get any benefits.

There are two membership tiers:

  • Club: $175 fee per year, benefits include free wi-fi, continental breakfast, welcome gift, early check-in and late check-out. You’ll also receive one room upgrade voucher having completed the first stay.
  • Sterling: $5000 spend required per year, addition benefit is five room upgrade vouchers.

You also earn points from hotel stays which you can use for free night redemption. There is a secret invitation-only tier above Sterling, namely Aurelian, for those whose annual spend fall in the top 1% amongst all members. The whole scheme reminds me of InterContinental Ambassador now…

LHW is running a promotion though which is giving the $175 membership for free. To sign up, simply visit their website and wait for the pop-up:

Click Join Now, or use this link to claim it. If you have an existing LHW account, sign in first before visiting this page and your membership should be activated as well.

As you can see from the advert, you’ll also get 500 points as a kickstart, which appears to be worth $40 when you reach the threshold to redeem them.

LHW has eight properties in London (including The Ritz, The Landmark and The Lanesborough) as well as one in Scotland. Its spread is quite decent in Western and Southern Europe, and I’m especially astonished when I see there are 33 hotels in Switzerland!

LHW’s website can be flaky so you may need to try a few times. The membership is valid for a year so you may prefer to wait till you have any travel plans, however it’s not indicated anywhere when the offer is going to be pulled.

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