Subscribe to The Spectator and earn Avios

We know that The Economist runs continuous sign-up bonus deals with Avios and many other loyal schemes. And now there’s a chance to earn Avios by subscribing to The Spectator too.

To participate, visit this page. Note that the offer is not visible on BA’s website anymore but as it’s still up on The Spectator I assume it’s still valid.

The following options are provided:

  • Digital only six months: £59.5 / 5,000 Avios (1.19p / Avios)
  • Print + Digital six months: £79.5 / 6,250 Avios (1.27p / Avios)
  • Digital only one year: £119 / 10,000 Avios (1.19p / Avios)
  • Print + Digital one year: £159 / 12,500 Avios (1.27p / Avios)

From the buying-Avios point of view, you are paying more than 1p per Avios which obviously isn’t a bargain. However if you are keen to subscribe anyway it’s a good rebate on your money spent.

Avios are credited to your account within two weeks and you can cancel your subscription for a refund within 14 days – however if you opt to cancel the Avios will be recalled too.

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