Radisson hotels award night rebate offer – up to 58% savings!

Radisson Rewards just started a new Award Night Rebate offer to encourage members to make bookings, and combined with a couple of other existing promotions it can turn out to be very interesting.

To participate, you must first sign up here.

  • Book by October 25
  • Stay by December 20
  • You will earn 25% rebate on all your award night bookings (excluding Cat 1 hotels)
  • Rebate will be deposited to your account within 10 business days after your stay

Remember the two other offers that are running:

All things considered, here is what a one-night award stay costs you:

CategoryFull PriceDiscounted PriceCost

This is an exceptional deal at lower-end hotels, but unfortunately there aren’t many of them in the UK or Europe. At the very top end, The May Fair hotel in London is still selling for £200+ a night, and redeeming points seems to be a decent bargain.

The offer also applies to Premium Room Award (+50% points) and Family Room Award (25%+).

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