Impressive 50% off sale at some UK Marriott hotels

I’m going to Scotland for a few days in the next week and have been monitoring hotel prices for a while. This morning I saw a rate at Courtyard Edinburgh, so low that I thought there’s a system glitch or something. It turns out though, that some Marriott hotels in the UK are running a flash sale.

This is a pretty small-scale sale so there isn’t any landing page. You can find few details in some hotels’ twitter pages, e.g. this is a Staycation flash sale that runs until 26 July. One thing we know for certain: when booking two nights, you get 50% off the best flexible rate.

I found the following six participating hotels:

I’m not sure why these hotels are picked. Presumable they all belong to the same owner?

Let’s see some examples.

Courtyard Edinburgh 27/07 – 29/07 £44 per night

Aloft Liverpool 27/07 – 29/07 £39 per night

Aloft Aberdeen TECA 11/09 – 13/09 £24 per night

I don’t think I need to reiterate how exceptional these rates are… Even better, these are flexible rates, meaning that you can cancel without penalty till one day before arrival.

To book, you could either click on the links above, or just visit Marriott’s homepage and search as usual. These are public rates so you will see them right away, but if you prefer you could use promo code BOG.

Also, it seems that you must book exactly two nights to be able to see this rate. Therefore if you are staying four nights for example, make two separate two-night reservations instead.

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