Travelling in Covid times – Holiday Inn Bournemouth

I’m not very good at writing travel or hotel reviews, so this article will be more like photos with some annotations 🙂

The hospitality sector in England opened on July 4th, and for the first time in the last four months, I could finally leave London for some fresh air!

Given that I’d never been to Bournemouth, and it seems to be a nice (beach) city, and it’s only two hours from Waterloo station, I decided to spend a few days there.

The station is very quiet, even for a Thursday afternoon. I’m glad to see that most people wear masks throughout the train ride.

The Holiday Inn in Bournemouth is a fairly new property. Standard redemption costs only 20,000 points per night, which is a treat given how pricey hotels can be in the summer. And I even saved a few thousand points on top of that thanks to IHG’s new dynamic pricing system.

The hotel is located between the main road and high street. It takes 10 minutes or a bit more to go to most places on foot, which usually isn’t a problem for me if Bournemouth wasn’t so hilly…

You can see the new hygiene measures hotels are taking nowadays. Protective shield at front desk, hand sanitiser everywhere and only one party in a lift at a time.

My executive room is new and spacious enough, although the style is very boring:

And here is the Grab & Go breakfast you get for £8:

The beach is around 15 minutes’ walk from the hotel.

To my surprise, there weren’t many people at all, probably due to the chilly weather. I find the beach quality very decent as well, so it’s definitely ideal for a day out, or even a couple of days away from London.

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