IHG Q3 offers: up to 3,000 bonus points per night

IHG has released a new round of offers – some are targeted but some appear to be widely available.

Here are the ones that we know so far:

  1. 8,000 points every 4 nights
  2. 3,000 points every 3 nights
  3. 2,000 points every 2 nights
  4. 2,000 points every 2 nights

Note that there are two registration links for the 2k2n offer. Some of the offers are stackable – if you are lucky, you’ll earn 12,000 bonus points every 4 nights (8k4n+2k2n), i.e. 3,000 bonus points per night!

(Hint: if neither of the 2k2n offers works – I think offer #4 is applicable to all members with an account address in China. A reader however reported he was asked for SMS verification with a Chinese number after changing address in the comments.)

You can refer to the 8k4n offer page for terms.

  • Stay between June 20 and August 31
  • Paid stays only
  • Nights are cumulative and don’t need to be in one stay
  • The bonus isn’t capped

Note that there’s an ongoing offer for double elite qualifying night credits as well. The windows overlap between June 20 and July 31, during which you’ll earn both the bonus points and double night credits!

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5 Responses

  1. Darwin says:

    Hi.. it seems its not stackable, I received 8k for 4nights and then try to register for the 2k for 2nights but I can’t.

    • Kai says:

      Hey, there are many successful reports! I believe if you change your account address to China, then one of the two 2k2n offers will work

      • Jacob says:

        Hi Kai I changed my address to China and it allowed me to register but now when I login to the app it requires me to verify a Chinese SMS even though I’ve changed my address back to Canada. Any tips on how to deal with this?

        • Kai says:

          Oh God, never seen it tbh. Wait and see if it goes?

          • Jacob says:

            It fixed itself! It looks like the China address change happened immediate and to change it back it took about 24 hours.