Enjoy 15% off at Hyatt hotels if you own a business

It’s not a secret that all hotel chains offer discounted corporate rates to large companies like Google and Siemens etc. What you may not know is that Hyatt actually has a very public corporate program, in which every business owner can take part.

The program is called Hyatt Leverage, the homepage of which is here. If you own a business, simply sign in and then enter some details about your company and it’s done. You’ll receive one confirmation email containing your corporate code which should be used when you book hotels on hyatt.com.

  • Any company opened in any country qualifies
  • Only company employees (i.e. not clients) can use the rate
  • In theory you need to stay at least 50 nights per year, otherwise your enrolment may be terminated

The discount is up to 15% off, which isn’t substantial and doesn’t include breakfast. However it’s flexible in that cancellation is allowed one day in advance, so it could well be useful when there’s no better rate plans available, especially when you book at a short notice.

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