Buy or Sell Gift Cards on Cardyard

You may have heard of Zeek, an online gift card trading platform which went bust a few years ago. There is now an alternative called Cardyard, which could bag you a bargain for shopping at some merchants.

At the Buy Gift Cards section, you can see the options currently in stock:

Here is a list of some supported merchants together with the discount:

  • Amazon 3% off
  • Marks & Spencer 12% off
  • Sainsbury’s 5% off
  • ​Tesco 4% off
  • WH Smith 15% off
  • Clarks 20% off
  • Ikea 9% off
  • Uber 7% off

Offers are subject to change of supply and demand. I’ve made several purchases already and haven’t encountered any issue yet, however I’d recommend to redeem the gift card as soon as possible to avoid any potential issues. Amazon and Uber for example let you top up your account using gift cards, so there’s no reason not to do it straightaway after the purchase.

Make sure you read the small print – one big gotcha is that some gift cards can only be used online or instore.

You can also sell your gift card:

Obviously you won’t get the full face value, but it’s still a decent way to cash out. The next time American Express runs a Spend £100 at Selfridges Get £30 back offer for example, you can grab a gift card in the shop and resell it on Cardyard for a small profit.

As you can see, there’s an option to claim credit instead of cash when selling, and it appears to be a better deal. Only take it if you plan to immediately exchange the credit for another gift card though, as otherwise you’ll regret it if one day Cardyard folds. When it happened to Zeek, more than one friend of mine still had a chunk of credit in their account…

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