Week of Wonders – exclusive Marriott offers in Asia Pacific

In a bid to revive its business, Marriott has been running exclusive monthly offers (Member Day) in China since May. Looks like it has been extended to Asia Pacific (at least for this month), so has potentially become more interesting.

You can access the Week of Wonders offer page here. The promotion period is October 8 to October 15, and there are three region-wide offers available:

  • October 8: unrevealed (it’s a quiz competition in China)
  • October 11: win a free hotel stay
  • October 14: win $200 hotel dining gift card

Moreover, there is a sweepstake where the winner can nominate one name to display on a Manchester United match’s digital boards. It doesn’t seem to be limited to Asia Pacific only, so all Marriott members can participate.

There are also country-specific offers on the Exclusive Offers page. Offers range from dining discount, extra bonus points to special package rates.

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