Accor All Plus China 30-night credit promotion (instant Platinum status)

Accor has a paid membership program called All Plus in China – not to be confused with All Plus Ibis and All Plus Voyageur – which offers stay benefits for hotels in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.

The program has three products, with different prices and benefits. Most importantly, all of them come with Accor status night credits too – this was a new change introduced earlier this year, which appears to be a permanent perk now.

The 超悦 Suprem membership for example, which is the most expensive one (2788 RMB), offers Accor Gold status in the form of 30 night credits. There are two cheaper tiers that will award you 20 nights / 5 nights respectively. You can mix and match with two or multiple purchases, but the maximum night credit you can earn in a calendar year is 30.

You can combine it with Accor’s other paid schemes to accrue a big number of night credits quickly. One option is Accor Plus, which fast forwards you to 50 nights:

Alternatively, and a potentially better strategy is to purchase both All Plus Ibis and All Plus Voyageur as well, and the three all together will earn you 60 night credits, just enough for Accor Platinum! You don’t need to stay a single night, just pay ~€600 for the three memberships.

All Plus China runs regular promotions. The current one, expiring June 18th, is as follows:

  • 390 RMB discount on the Suprem card, reducing the price to 2398 RMB (€305)
  • 500 bonus Accor points when redeeming the 50% / 30% / 10% off room voucher, up to 3,000 points
  • Prize draws

The catch is, All Plus China can only be purchased via Wechat and 飞猪 Fliggy. Here are the instructions on how to buy it.

1. Wechat

Simply scan the following QR code in Wechat, which redirects you to the product page in Accor’s Wechat mini-program.

2. 飞猪 Fliggy

This is the product page. You need to create an Alibaba / Fliggy account first.

3. Alipay

If you don’t understand Chinese, Alipay might be the easiest option for you. Open Alipay’s app, and put 飞猪 in the search bar:

Open the 飞猪 Fliggy mini app, and put 臻享卡 in the search bar:

The first result is the Suprem membership. Alipay has a translation feature that produces an English overlay on your screen which can be very helpful.

Some notes:

  • Before purchasing you need to connect your Accor account in the respective app. You cannot purchase the product for someone else
  • You can claim a refund, even after having activated the product
  • If you claim a refund, the night credits will be crawled back

There’s no restriction on who can purchase the membership. For example your Accor account address doesn’t need to be in China. The All Plus card is very useful if you visit China – the two free night vouchers earn you back the cost themselves, let alone other benefits such as 50%-off vouchers, lounge access vouchers and dining discount.

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37 Responses

  1. Ann says:

    Hi Kai! Can I use Alipay?

    • Kai says:

      On Alipay search for and enter mini program 飞猪 and then 臻享卡, but again everything is in Chinese

  2. Matt says:

    Hmm, I don’t see any mention of the 30 status nights, or gold membership. Only see all the vouchers etc in wechat. Where did you see the promotion? Just to make sure it’s still live.

    Also, have you tried redeeming the free nights yet? Is it all done online, or is there interaction with people necessary?

    • Kai says:

      Yes it’s only promoted in Feizhu (Alibaba’s travel agency) and Accor’s official Wechat account, but memberships purchased via all channels are eligible, and it’s still live.

      Redemption can be done online. I didn’t purchase it though so don’t have any first-hand experience.

  3. Alan says:

    Hi Kai

    I purchased one for myself using wechat and it worked great.

    Then I purchased one for my friend using Alipay and though the card is activated, it seems to be linked to my account or maybe something needs to be done to link to his account. Kinda stuck here.

    Can you please guide if possible.

    Thank you

    • Kai says:

      I believe your Alipay and Accor accounts are linked, so when you activate it goes to your Accor account automatically. You can’t buy for someone else.

    • Kai says:

      They’ve just changed the rules and you can refund even after activation

      • Darwin says:

        Hi, Kai
        When will the promotion for RMB2388 end? My friend wants to buy it too.

        I had made the purchase and it is stackable.
        Is there any possibility that they will deduct the status 30 night? If yes, can we refund by then if we did not use the benefits?

        Thank you

        • Darwin says:

          Ooops… I saw it already, it will end on 30 April 2024.

        • Kai says:

          If you refund they will take the 30 nights back.

          • Jackson says:

            Hi, Kai.
            Need your advice.
            I had bought the member.
            My name is a single word, so on my Accorplus member previously, I put my name on last name, and on my first name I put ‘.’
            When I tried to make a booking today for hotel in China, it said: please enter your name (pinyin). But when I tried to click on my first name, it said: you must be one of the guest, cannot be changed.
            Please advise what should I do?

            Is there any customer service email that I can contact to change my name? Please enlighten. Thank you.

          • Kai says:

            Maybe try contact Accorplus to change your name?

          • Jackson says:

            Hi, Kai. Accorplus China or Accorplus Indonesia?

            Do you have contact for Accorplus China?
            Thank you

          • Kai says:

            Sounds like it’s a problem with your Accor account name, in which case you should try changing it with Accor Plus Indonesia first

  4. Darwin says:

    Hi, Kai.
    Very nice article!
    Need some information from you.
    1. When you mentioned it is stackable, do you mean you can get ALL Plus + ALL Plus China? Currently I have Accor Plus, intend to subscribe ALL Plus China too.
    Can I use same email as my current Accor Plus?

    2. If I do not reside in China, do you think I can purchase ALL Plus China? How can I see my free night and other discount voucher? In my Accor Plus account?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Kai says:

      1. Yes
      2. You can but you can only see and use the vouchers on Wechat / Alipay, as far as I know

      • Darwin says:

        Great to know that. Will proceed buying one.
        Thank you for your valuable information.

        • Xuesi says:

          Hi Darwin, I’m also a plus member intending to buy accor china card. Can I check if it’s stackable in the end? Because from what i read on accor website, they said accor cards are stackable except the traditional accor plus. Now i’m a bit confused and afraid it might not stack 20+30 nights in the end

          • Darwin says:

            Hi, Xuesi.
            Somehow it is stackable for now. Not really sure one day if they found out, will they deduct the 30 nights or not.

  5. Rafael says:

    How do I link my all account with alipay.

  6. John says:

    Hi, Kay. If I buy the Supreme Member now, is it possible to activate the card 2 weeks later?
    Will I still get bonus 30 nights and 1000points on my account 2 weeks later?
    Need your advice.

    Also, does Accor normally has better promotion for this card on Labour Day (1st May)?

    • Kai says:

      There will be similar promotions in the future, but won’t be so soon or better.

      You have 21 days to activate after purchase, or it will be auto-activated.

    • Bendi says:

      Hi Kai, the promo was over on 30 April. If I purchase the all plus china now, will I receive bonus 30 night?

      • Kai says:

        I still see the same promotional message on Feizhu. I think you can purchase and activate it, and if it doesn’t work you can request a refund

        • Darwin says:

          Hi, Kay.
          I think I saw the promotional price is until 17 May 2024 on the apps.

          Meanwhile do you think we can book the free night for 2 consecutive nights?

          Thank you

  7. Jackson says:

    Hi, Kai.
    By the way, when can we receive 1000points? I had activated the member for about 2 weeks, but have not seen the bonus points yet.
    Thank you.

  8. Oz says:


    Does it work if I purchase supreme and one tier down to get 30+20=50 nights?

    Also I’ve checked with the Accorplus cs, they said that all plus ibis & voyager won’t stack with the current Accor plus accounts.

    • Kai says:

      One cannot have a+ and all plus ibis/voyageur at the same time

      • Oz says:

        If I have A+, can I still proceed to get the supreme?

        • Gen says:

          Yes I just did it with thw he od google lens and alot of patients. 30 bonus status dropped in with minutes.

        • Avinash says:

          Is this still offering 20/30 status nights?
          If yes, pls advise if any discount also running as mentioned in above article
          Have 37 status nights and plan to add 20 with this subscription

  9. Mjpaust says:

    Hi There,
    This seems like an excellent offer. Does anyone know if this is still available?

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