My review of British Airways’s First Class on Boeing 777

My main purpose of booking BA’s first class was to try out the Concorde Room, and I wasn’t really looking forward to the flight that much. I travelled in their first class once in 2016 and didn’t think very highly of it, but maybe there has some improvement since.

My flight has minor delay because of a last-minute aircraft change. There’s an A380 roll-up banner at the boarding gate which got me excited, but it turned out to be Boeing 777 in the end.

First up, a few pictures:

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but the pictures above are actually from two cabins. This 777 has already been refurbished, which means they’ve got the new Club Suite configuration in business class (Picture 3 & 4). The seat and finish are just so similar that I could barely tell one from the other. Well, the Club Suite does have a door…

Back to the first class cabin, it has two rows and four seats in total. The seats are angled which is pretty rare for first class.

Jokes aside, you’ve got a lot of the space in here compared to in business class.


Control panel and the small wardrobe:

I’ve got so many pet peeves about the design. To start with I hate folding screens, as you cannot watch the programs during take-off and landing. I also hate push-release tray as it’s just so much trouble taking them out and in, and my finger got jammed!

On a different note, I like the amenity bag and the pyjama set, although I’ve never heard of the brand – Temperley London – before.

I need to work my blog so didn’t spend much time on the IFE, but the Anti-Valentine genre did make me smile 🙂

In-flight wifi is free to First Class passengers (limited to one device), but it’s a nightmare trying to get connected. After a ton of effort I finally managed to connect my laptop, and the internet speed is not great. In addition, the socket under my seat is broken, so I have to charge my phone at the empty seat next to me.

The seat when flattened:

BA is refurbing the first class cabin as well by adding a door to improve privacy.

The menu:

I understand caviar is too expensive for BA’s catering budget, but still I think they should try harder to come up with a decent menu.

The amuse-bouche and soup:

Not impressed by the burger – I think McSpicy is better!

The ice cream is good.

I decided to try the lamb chop before landing, which turns out to be a delight. It is probably the nicest thing I’ve ever had on a BA flight, and I’m happy to pay for it in a restaurant.

The champagne and wine list:

I’m not a champagne drinker, but I know people stay hours in the Concorde Room for the Grand Siecle and then continue the drinking party onboard to make sure they get their money’s worth 😛

The experience is in line with my memory from the last flight, and although there’s nothing to write home about, I don’t think BA’s first class is a bad product either. If you’ve never flown first class, maybe grab a £2k deal when BA has a sale as a starter and save other airlines for the future.

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