Book Virgin Chauffeur service for 17,500 points

Like many other airlines that wanted to impress their premium passengers onboard and off the plane, Virgin Atlantic used to offer free chauffeur service to Upper Class customers. The service has died down over the years though, and they no longer offer it in-house, but have partnered with a third-party provider and it is not to free to anyone anymore.

However, it is still possible to book the chauffeur service with Virgin points. It has a very limited audience though: only Upper Class reward tickets (booking class G) are eligible, although upgrade from paid Premium tickets are booked in the same class so I believe they qualify too.

You can read about the benefit here.

  • It’s available at UK and US airports
  • You pay 17,500 points per way
  • It covers a 75-mile radius from the airport
  • In the US it’s possible to pay $3.5 per mile if your travel distance exceeds 75 miles

I live near Heathrow, so Uber or Bolt costs me only £30 therefore the benefit doesn’t really apply. However, if you live further away it might start to make sense.

As you can see, the 75-mile radius covers almost the entire Southeast, as well as many other counties around London (I never realised England was so small).

If you already have a Virgin ticket, you could make a dummy chauffeur booking online to see what kind of car and service to expect. If I remember correctly their partner is Tristar, which was acquired by Addison Lee in 2020.

17,500 points isn’t cheap, but if you travel from far and especially with many bags, it may be a great redemption choice.

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