World of Hyatt status challenge relaunches – 20 nights to Globalist

Compared to other major hotel groups Hyatt rarely provides status match or fast track opportunities. Something new has just come out though, and you should take a look if you have any upcoming Hyatt stays.

The following poster has been shared on FlyerT (a Chinese FFP forum), and looks very credible:

In short:

  • You need to register by November 30
  • You receive an instant upgrade to Explorist upon registration, which is valid through 2021
  • Stay 10 nights by December 31 to extend the status to February 2023
  • Stay an additional 10 nights by December 31 for an upgrade to Globalist

If you are already an Explorist, you could also register and fast track to Globalist for 20 nights. Given that the standard qualification criteria have been halved for the current year, this offer isn’t actually hugely generous, as you’d otherwise need to stay 15 and 30 nights to qualify for Explorist and Globalist respectively.

Hyatt Explorist enjoys bonus points, room upgrade and late check-out. Globalist receives the enhanced version of them plus free breakfast and club lounge access.

The offer doesn’t look targeted or regional to me, however you can’t register yourself – you must contact the sales representative of a Hyatt hotel and ask if they could sign you up. According to the discussions on FlyerT, some hotels’ sales departments are indeed aware of the offer and happy to help.

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2 Responses

  1. Aakash says:

    How can we register for this? Can you share the link for this promotion?

    • Kai says:

      There’s no link. As I’ve said you must talk directly to the salesperson of a hotel to sign up.