GHA giving away $100 credit to members!

GHA just out an email to some of their members, but unlike the hollow greetings most companies do, they are actually giving you a great gift!

You need to have received the targeted email to enrol but the landing page is here. To thank me for being “one of their most valued members”, GHA is awarding me 100 D$ straightaway! All I need to do is click the Claim button in the email.

It’s unclear what the criteria are, if all Titanium members receive the gift, and I’m definitely not “most valued” since I’ve only had one stay at any GHA hotel in my life.

(Update: some Platinum members received 50 D$ too.)

GHA appears to be feeling generous lately – they just converted all unused Local Experience Awards to 100 / 200 D$ recently. D$ is the reward currency of their newly renovated program, which can be used like $ when paying hotel bills.

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2 Responses

  1. MQ says:

    I only got offered 50$ and I’m platinum.