Buy Finnair points for Oneworld Emerald, and it may get even better

(Edit: the bug appears to have been fixed since the afternoon of December 25th)

Finnair’s BOGOF & Get Oneworld Emerald offer is back, which is quite similar to that from last year. I won’t write too many details today but you can refer to the article I wrote previously.

Finnair’s offer page is here and it runs until December 27th. In Short:

  • You earn up to 100% bonus when you buy their points
  • You also earn 25% tier points (calculated against the total amount including bonus)

And here are two examples how you can take advantage of it:

  • Pay €2060 to get 320,000 redeemable points, and also 80,000 tier points which gets you Finnair Gold (Oneworld Sapphire)
  • Pay €2575 to get 400,000 redeemable points, and also 100,000 tier points; then you can exchange 150,000 redeemable points for 50,000 tier points which gets you Finnair Platinum (Oneworld Emerald)

A reader has just got in touch to share his experience:

I know the script is in Chinese but I bet you can understand what it means 😛

Basically he purchased 200,000 points for 100% bonus, but to our surprise he got 150,000 tier points instead, which awards him Finnair Platinum straightaway without the need of transferring any points. Obviously it’s a bug and you shouldn’t assume it happen to you too but…

In addition he also got:

  • 8 upgrade vouchers for European flights
  • 2 upgrade vouchers for Intercontinental flights
  • Gold card nomination

It is an excellent deal!

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