Earn £20 promo credit for adding a non-Visa card to your Amazon account

You must have heard of Amazon’s shocking announcement that they’re going to stop accepting UK-issued Visa credit card very soon. For me it’s not an issue at all, however there’s an opportunity here for me, and potentially you to earn £20 free Amazon credit.

So the thing is, Amazon has been giving away £20 promo credit to those whose default payment method is a Visa credit card. I first went into Amazon Wallet to change my default payment method from an Amex to a Visa. Note that it needs to be a credit card, not debit card as the latter will continue to be supported.

After a day or two, you can check this offer link to see if you are eligible for the £20 offer. There may be a banner on the front page too which was how I gained access to the page above.

Somehow the Add your card button didn’t work for me. I went to the Basket page instead where it showed me a different banner:

This button works, and I see the credit added to my account immediately.

The credit applies to the next purchase automatically and is valid for a month. With Black Friday coming soon it’s a nice bonus, thanks Amazon!

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