My review of Hilton Nottingham

Stuck in the UK, I’m going to Nottingham for a weekend to visit a friend and their German Shepherd puppy.

Weekend hotel prices are ridiculous at the moment in almost all the UK cities I’ve checked, which means using points is a good call. I spent 60,000 points for two nights at the Hilton hotel at Nottingham, despite the fact they don’t have very good reviews.

The hotel is about 15 minutes’ walk from the railway station, and right next to Victoria Centre which means it’s very central.

It’s very busy this weekend. The gentleman at reception spent a long time trying to find me an upgrade, and was very apologetic when it turned out impossible unless I wouldn’t mind changing room the second day. I was given two drinks vouchers though as a Diamond treat, which I don’t think many UK hotels are still doing nowadays.

The room on the hand, is compact, dated and dysfunctional just as I had imagined…

As you can tell from the little fan on the desk, the room is not air-conditioned. Fortunately the two days I stay here aren’t really warm so I didn’t suffer.

Bathroom looks okay comparatively.

I was told by the receptionist that the 5th and 6th floors are currently undergoing renovation. I guess the owner of the hotel has finally realised that they can’t get away with the old and ugly decor anymore…

Breakfast is served at the Bric restaurant, which is in the fashion of a buffet.

The quality is excellent for a 4-star hotel, especially after you have seen how distasteful the room is. My favourite is the vegetarian sausages which reminds me of a delicacy from my hometown in China.

The hotel also features a gym and spa, which is a nice bonus. You don’t need to make prior reservations and can just walk in.

Unfortunately there were many hotel guests so I didn’t manage to take a lot of photos. Overall the facilities are quite okay although again quite dated. Swimming pool is big enough; jacuzzi too but not warm enough as it’s connected to the pool; sauna is closed due to malfunction; steam room is a bit too steamy.

I think you should already have a very good idea of the hotel at this point. I believe the rooms will be a lot more comfortable after the renovation has completed, but in the meantime you still have to make peace with it and your chances of getting an upgrade will be slimmer as a consequence.

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