$150 daily credit at Waldorf Astoria, LXR and Conrad hotels

Hilton has started a new campaign with its luxury hotel brands – Waldorf Astoria, LXR and Conrad. By booking the specific rate you can take advantage of $150 daily credit throughout your stay.

You can see the offer here.

  • Book at least three days in advance
  • Two-night minimum stay required
  • Book via the page or use promo code PBEXC1
  • $150 / £100 / €150 credit per night in respective regions, or $150 local currency equivalent in other regions

Looks too good to be true? Well you are right – you must book the specific rate plan to benefit, which is more expensive than the Best Flexible Rate.

Here are some of the hotels, with a comparison of BFR and exclusive credit rate:

  • Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh £490 / £558
  • Conrad Dublin €269 / €333
  • Waldorf Astoria Berlin €336 / €414
  • Waldorf Astoria Rome €357 / €436
  • Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus €173 / €233

Remember that Honors Discount and Advance Purchase rates are also available, which are even cheaper than the BFR. As you’ll find out, in many or most scenarios the credit is largely offset by the rate difference, especially if you are booking in advance.

However that’s just the case in Europe. If you visit Istanbul or Asia, the rate difference is much smaller and this rate plan can actually be a very good deal, providing that you don’t mind eating at the hotel.

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