Eight best Marriott hotel redemptions in the UK

After the acquisition of SPG, Marriott Bonvoy has now a massive footprint worldwide and become the most popular hotel loyalty programme, probably with little doubt. We know for sure that Marriott is not lacking in good redemption options, so today let’s look at the best opportunities in the UK.

Just a reminder – Marriott Bonvoy has eight redemption categories at the moment, and the number of points required for standard / off-peak / peak are slightly different:

1. Courtyard Oxford City Centre Cat 2 / 12,500 points

I personally make this hotel top of my list, given its great location and how expensive accommodation in Oxford is – you can very easily get more than 1.5p per point you are staying here in the summer.

I stayed here this year on points and was quite happy about the stay. Of course it is just a Courtyard so nothing to get too excited about, but the hotel is very new, and nothing can really go wrong at this price.

2. Aloft Liverpool Cat 3 / 17,500 points

This used to the best UK SPG redemption spot in the past, as a weekend night cost only 3,000 points (or 9,000 Marriott points). Unfortunately the price has doubled nowadays, but it can still be very good value if Liverpool gets busy.

The building itself is very stylish and full of history. I’m not sure why it’s converted to a low-end Aloft, instead of W or at least Sheraton.

3. University Arms Hotel Cat 4 / 25,000 points

We can’t mention Oxford without mentioning Cambridge, can we 🙂 University Arms is one of the oldest hotels in Cambridge, and all the reviews that I’ve read are very positive.

It costs twice as expensive as the Courtyard above, but anyway, you can’t really compare an Autograph to a Courtyard!

4. Moxy Aberdeen Airport Cat 1 / 7,500 points

This is the only Category 1 hotel in the UK at the moment. As it is an airport hotel, I can’t recommend it for tourist purpose. However, if you are a few nights short of reaching Marriott elite status, you may fly to Aberdeen to “buy” some cheap ones here 🙂 After all, 5 nights at this hotel should cost you only 30,000 points, assuming standard pricing.

Honourable mention: Aberdeen Marriott and Aloft Aberdeen TECA are both only Category 2 too.

5. Abbey Hotel Bath Cat 4 / 25,000 points

Tribute is a fairly new brand in the Marriott family, and to be honest I know nothing about this hotel, apart from it being very central. It sells for £200 on a Saturday night, so 25,000 could be a great deal when you visit Bath.

6. Trump Turnberry Hotel Cat 5 / 35,000 points

This is probably one of the most luxurious, or at least expensive Marriott hotel in the UK. 35,000 points is definitely a steal compared to the £400 cash rate. It is a country & golf hotel though, so may not suit everyone.

7. Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott Hotel Cat 5 / 35,000 points

I went to Bournemouth for the first time recently and really liked the city. The Marriott is probably one the of the best located hotel in Bournemouth, with a great sea view and quick access to the beach.

Standing at 35,000 points, the redemption is not cheap, but paying cash in the summer is a lot more expensive.

8. The Langley Cat 6 / 50,000 points

Another luxurious country hotel from the Luxury Hotel Collection. Compared to the Trump Turnberry, this hotel is fairly close to London so may be much more accessible for many. I have a few friends who’ve stayed here and they all enjoyed it very much.

Its category increased from 5 to 6 this year, which unfortunately means a 50% percent hike in redemption price. However, 50,000 points is still a bargain as a one-night stay usually costs £300 or more.

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